Kevin Flemming Kevin Fleming

Fleming, an award-winning pool and landscape designer, received his Bachelor of Science in landscape architecture in 1991 from West Virginia University and his SWD (Society of Watershape Design) degree in 2005 from Genesis. An industry influencer in the Northeast, Fleming was an instructor for both the Genesis and ART Watershapes education programs, which included program development and curriculum used in educating other industry professionals. Through travels to Egypt, Turkey, China, France and more, Fleming has studied and internalized design details and techniques (some of which are thousands of years old) that he now brings to the modern landscape.

For the past twenty-five years, Fleming has worked to identify and attract the nation’s top artisans and craftspeople to work with him executing distinctive designs using luxurious materials, such as stone from Turkey and Greece, porcelain and glass tiles form Italy and the UK, and sculptures from commissioned global artists. He brings his practical experience and an impressive portfolio of projects to South Carolina where he continues to be a leader in the industry. Fleming pursues watershape design and construction that accommodates a design sensibility and a level of attention to detail previously unheard of in the residential marketplace.

“Truly artistic design and construction for pools and spas,” says Fleming, “has previously been a rarity. Even the most affluent clients were settling for basic, unrefined work. Our clients understand that they will spend more time looking at their pools than they will swimming in them which is why utilizing water as art should be the only option for any sophisticated aesthetic.”


Mark McCabeMark McCabe

McCabe’s early career was devoted to mastering sales, marketing, and construction. During his work as a remodeling contractor, he became intrigued with pool design and construction. After extensive study at Genesis, a leader in pool design and construction education, McCabe earned designation as a Registered Member in The Society of Watershapes Design and certification in the International Watershape Institute.

McCabe is currently furthering his education at Watershapes University with a focus on designing and building pools using best construction practices, high end finishes, and an aesthetic that complements each space and owner.

“My goal,” says Mark, “is to create outdoor watershapes that are as functional as they are visually artistic.”