20th Century ART & Architecture – Mark Holden
How did Frank Lloyd Wright, Phillip Johnson or Lawrence Halprin influence modern architecture and what does it mean to the water professional?  The last century encompasses some of the world’s greatest achievements in art, architectural and construction.  With this comes a new understanding of water’s role in these design forms.  Students will investigate these artistic examples and develop designs based upon a sound architectural foundation.  Field investigation will explore local historical sites and compare to design techniques used today


The ART of Asian & Natural Gardens – Keiji Uesugi
Great water gardens from East Asian cultures such as China and Japan all have a spiritual geometry that allows for a special spiritual quality to exist for visitors.  Water, rock and plant materials all compose the triangle of elements found in true natural design.  This class identifies the specific elements within East Asian gardens and allows students to assemble great natural works of their own.  Students will learn the fundamental for creating outstanding natural environments as well as travel to a local authentic Japanese garden.

Ancient Waters – Mark Holden
This presentation of art and architecture throughout the ages yields valuable perspective on the importance of past designs when designing great things for the future. Being able to speak fluently about the specifics of art and architecture history, not only impresses clients, it provides the artistic vocabulary required to design at a more advanced level. Most important, the class includes examples how water design has influenced art for over 5000 years.

The Elite Historical Traveler Series – David Tisherman and others (multiple day excursions)
Students will partake in the educational guided travel through important cultural locations worldwide.  Discovering the first recorded spa in Turkey, or the drainage runnels on the Great Wall in China, or the wondrous water gardens of The Alhambra in Spain, students will witness first hand the importance of history and how to understanding design traditions of the past can improve their work today.

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