Tackling Difficult Projects – David Tisherman
This lecture illustrates the skills needed to handle large-scale projects ($1million and up), including the design, engineering, construction, documentation and business practices required to stay profitable.  Students will gain the methods and confidence to take on high-end projects and select an effective project team. 

Ecological Design and Environmentally Sensitive Building Practices – Michael Given
Modern building methods are becoming more sensitive to the Earth’s dwindling materials and energy sources.  As building codes and regulations become more stringent, designers need to understand how to perform in the modern age.  Investigating solar heating & electricity generation, alternative sanitizers, sustainable materials choices and LEED certification are some of the components of this class that allows students to design for the 21st century.

Legal Aspects of Aquatic Environments
Perceiving when liability is present allows professionals to navigate the ever-increasing world of litigation.  Students will learn the legal realities of the projects that they engage in. This attorney’s perspective on design and construction will change student’s perspective and provide them the physical tools to perform business while protecting themselves and their assets.

Master Lecture Series – David Tisherman, Mark Holden, Larry Drasin, etc.
What is their background, what influenced them, some projects reach millions of dollars These lecture presentations allow industry leaders to share a glimpse of some of their most significant professional creations.   Typically projects of this caliber remain a mystery to the rest of the industry, but these in depth peeks into the design, construction, business methods and legal positions allow students to advance their own practices by seeing the inner workings of their industry leaders.

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