Designing Beautiful $30-$60K Pool – Kevin Fleming
Great art does not need to be expensive.  When designing a $30K-$60K pool with all components equal, the emphasis is on its shape. This class teaches the basic terminology created in a 2-dimensional design and shows how to integrate creative design solutions for any project type.  Rhythm, repetition, scale, proportion, and balance are all visual requirements for great design.  By visually understanding these terms students will be able to design a residential project based on form rather than existing templates.  Each student leaving this class will be able to understand the relationship of true design (shapes).

Introduction to Design – Milton Dorsey
This 2 D course introduces participants to the basic “Elements of Design” (line, texture, shape, color & space) & “Principles of Design” (balance, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, unity, movement & pattern). It will also develop perceptual skills with “Spatial Organization & “Spatial Relationships”. This will provide a foundation for participants' creative awareness that will ultimately result in shaping a true designer.


Advanced Design Techniques – David Tisherman
This class is an introduction to advanced design fundamentals and spatial organization. This including space/ground relationships, color interaction, line texture, shape, balance, proportion/scale and rhythm. You will learn to understand how design is achieved by integrating elements and principles, such as unity and balance, into the surrounding environment of your project. The design emphasis will be on a two-dimensional plane. This course will develop perceptual skills and creative awareness. Multiple design media will be used in a studio/lecture format.

Professional Practice Mark Holden
Advance designers typically collaborate in teams with other professionals in creating great works of art.  This class takes basic architectural principals and focuses students design skills towards large design programs.  Students will learn how to professionally integrate with architects, landscape architectures and developers which allows them to profit from being apart of such design teams, thus increasing profitability.

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