The ART of Advanced Design and Presentation – Brian Lally & David Tisherman
This class focuses on verbal communication and why it remains the most important factor when it comes to working with clients and ultimately selling a project.  This class demonstrates how words, body language and our responses reinforces the merits of clients ideas and desires, and how persuasion can be used to set proper expectations, lay the groundwork for problem solving and ultimately build rapport with clients.  A real-world design project is developed and ‘sold’ to clients in this design/presentation experiment

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The ART of Google SketchUp – Richard Lee
The lecture and exercises comprising this course show students how to easily design three-dimensional models of pools, spas, decks, fountains, pergolas and outdoor kitchens with a high level of detail.  Students will be able to prepare their own designs within a user friendly, 3-D computer system and then generate multiple views of the finished space. The course coves how to use Google SketchUp – an easy 3-D software package that is available from Google for free.

Digital Photo Refinement – Eric Gerds
Students will experience the inner workings of Adobe Photoshop and how to manipulate graphic images and digital photographs.  This class has students retouch, crop, stitch and color correct many forms of imagery for design and promotional purposes.

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Photography, Storing Media & Getting Published – Eric Herman & Douglas Hill
Many projects disappear when they are finished because builders often fail to document their work.  Quality photography and design graphics enable aquatic designers and builders alike to showcase their best projects for future clients, in print, on the Internet, for awards programs and future design reference.
Perspective Drawing  – Larry Drasin
The Drawing class teaches measured 1 and 2-point perspectives rendering designed to help the aquatic professional better communicate with clients and other professionals.  Topics include the function of horizon line, vanishing points, circle of distortion and scale.  (Prerequisite: ‘Introduction to Perspective Drawing’ taught by David Tisherman)

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