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The ART of Custom Pool Finishes – Shawn Still & Shawn Hays
This hands-on class takes color theory and applies it to real-world materials, allowing students to set themselves apart from their competition by creating their own custom plaster and concrete blends for professional use. Students will learn step-by-step how to generate their own color formulations for dry and wet surfaces from a variety of raw materials and how to use them in their projects, giving them a competitive business edge. Students will also gain an understanding of various types of cementitious finishes available on the market today: their composition, formulas, materials, sourcing, manufacturing, warranties and life expectancies. (Prerequisite: ‘Color & Texture’ taught by Judith Corona)

The ART of Color – Judith Corona
Students will learn how to use color theory to select the perfect color for every situation and combine colors that work well together.  Some colors clash; while others seem to blend perfectly while others still provide subtle visual transitions.  Effectively combining colors requires understanding light, tint and hue through the tools of pens, paints and pastels. 

Lighting - Illumination of Colors & Textures – David Oborn & Colleen Holmes
Color is a function of light and a surface’s color changes based upon the time of day or the manner in which it is lit.  This class describes how light affects a material’s appearance and how to design lighting that accents these material choices. 

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The Tapestry of Tile – David Tisherman, David Knox, Nick Powell, Jimmy Reed & Jerry Werner
Assembling a beautiful tile arrangement is an art.  Color and layout choices can create artistic environments.  Waterproofing and installation methods can ensure that they last.  Students will understand how to assemble custom color blends and gain the construction tools to use tile in a competent manner.

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